Product reliability and performance are directly related to quality and a major concern of any customer who must have the assurance they are receiving products as designed, with a material and quality level that meets or exceeds their requirements.
NORGREN Fittings Pneufit C Composite Fittings
  • Norgren Express Pneufit C push in fittings represent one of the industries largest ranges of industrial fittings, with in excess of 1,000 shapes and sizes
  • Assembly times can be reduced to the minimum by using the parallel threaded versions, or choose taper to ensure perfect sealing under less than ideal port conditions
  • Body material is either PBT or nickel plated brass offering good resistance to corrosion or contamination, and all components are retained within the body to make a perfect seal every time
  • In addition to standard shapes, the range also includes manifolds, banjo flow regulators isolating valves and other items to offer maximum benefit from using standard widely available parts
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