About us

About us

From being a part of KC Mahanakorn’s affiliates, Item Engineering was formed in 2004 as the official distributor under the quality product brands from the United States which are BRAY, FLOW-TEK, VAAS and RITEPRO. Item Engineering CO., LTD. aimed to expand the group of products which can fulfill all customer requirements with comprehensive products range. Therefore we are currently focusing on strengthening bonds with leading manufacturers internationally in order to improve and expand our business capabilities in this fast-paced world. With highly experienced in Valve and Automation business, we are confident that our products and services can meet the needs of our customers in Thai industry. That can guarantee we are “Industrial Valve Specialists”.


“ We are the leading company of the nation who must serve our valuable customers with our trusted skills and experiences for creating them business values and improvement”




S E C U R E  

S : Sharing

E : Environment

C : Communication

U : Unity

R : Respect

E : Efficiency



ITEM ENGINEERING CO., LTD. is an authorized distributor for Bray, Flowtek, Rites, Vaas, and Norgren. The leading brands for their outstanding quality products who is recognized from the industrial user around the world. We offer our value customer the energy saving concept as well as the idea of making improvement and cost reduction production via our quality product and trusted skills and experiences. From the trend of Industry Automation System, we are offering our product and service to meet our customer expectation.





International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001:2015 
Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC)
Certificate from Department of Business Development Good Governance
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