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From being a part of KC Mahanakorn’s affiliates, Item Engineering was formed in 2004 as the official distributor under the quality product brands from the United States which are BRAY, FLOW-TEK, VAAS, RITEPRO, and Norgren.

Item Engineering CO., LTD. aimed to expand the group of products which can fulfill all customer requirements with comprehensive products range. Therefore we are currently focusing on strengthening bonds with leading manufacturers internationally in order to improve and expand our business capabilities in this fast-paced world. With highly experienced in Valve and Automation business, we are confident that our products and services can meet the needs of our customers in Thai industry. That can guarantee we are “Industrial Valve Specialists”.


“We have realized the importance of sustainable production and consumption. With our objective of being sustainable, we will be continually adjusting our products and services according to the circular economy. And our ultimate goal is to bring a better future to the people.”




D: Digitalization We are keeping up to date with the current technology to improve our work and efficiency.

E: Empathy Humanity will not be ignored. That makes us to be more understanding and collaborative to people and their own benefits.

A: Accountability To build trust and confidence in our collaboration by our general operation.

R: Resilience We will be flexible in our operation according to uncertain situation for mutual benefits.

s: secure We always provide security to our stakeholder.

Core Competencies


To advise our customer through combination of our experiences and skills.

Engineering Solution

To provide the high standard of engineering service, maintenance solution as per customers specific need.

After Sales Service

To have responsibility to our sales activities.

Cost Effectiveness

To do the work that add value and avoid wasting our customer budget and times.


We aim to be Strategic Partners with all involved parties by providing the relationship in an environment of “Trust” and “Respect”