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Series 950

Unidirectional Knife Gate Valve


Size Range

NPS 2 to 24 / DN 50 to 600

Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure

NPS 2 to 12: 150psi / DN 50 to 300: 10bar
NPS 14 to 24: 75psi / DN 350 to 600: 5bar

Body Style

Single Piece, Wafer, Semi-Lug

Seat Material Temperature Range

Buna-N: -34 to 194°F (-36 to 90°C), EPDM: -65 to 248°F (-54 to 120°C) Viton®: -15 to 392°F (-26 to 200°C), PTFE/Viton Back-up Ring: -235 to 392°F (-148 to 200°C)

Body Materials

Carbon Steel (WCB), CF8 Stainless Steel, CF8M Stainless Steel, CF3M Stainless Steel, SAF 2205, SAF 2507

Stem Materials

304 Stainless Steel

Gate Materials

304, 316, 317 Stainless Steel, SAF 2507, SAF 2205, 17-4PH, Hastelloy® C, Monel®

Design Standard


Actuator Options

Handwheel, Bevel Gear, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric


ATEX, AWWA C520 (2019), CRN, PED, PE(S)R, TR CU, UA TR


Wastewater, Power, General Industrial, Chemical, Mining, Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper

Features & Benefits

The Knife Gate Valve Series 950 unidirectional are designed with a single-piece, cast body design housed within a cost-effective semi-lug body.

With integral metal or replaceable soft seats, configuration can be tailored to specific application requirements. This customizable feature ensures that the valve seamlessly adapts to different operating conditions, from wastewater treatment plants to mining operations, pulp & paper facilities, and the food & beverage industry.

Adhering to the highest quality standards, each Series 950 Knife Gate Valve undergoes rigorous testing, including shell and seat tests per MSS SP-151, as well as factory cycle tests. Pressure ratings for our products include Uni-Directional specifications, with 2″ – 12″ at 150 psi (DI body), 14″ – 24″ at 75 psi (DI body), and 2″ – 24″ at 150 psi (steel body).

Our approvals and certifications encompass CRN, PED – Category I Module A, and AWWA C520 compliance. Explore optional features like Gate Guards, Deflection Cone, Open/Closed Lockouts, Limit Switches, Solenoid Valves, and Fail Safe Systems for enhanced functionality.